creative thumbFundraising isn’t about asking for money. It’s about connecting. Engaging. It’s a relationship. An ongoing conversation. Through the right channels. It’s about showing your impact and making your (perhaps soon to be) donor want to be an ongoing part of it.

For Non-Profits, DM Pros excels at donor communications. Acquisition, profiling/modeling, database, response analysis, message crafting, monthly giving programs. And of course, stewardship – we can write an outstanding letter to pull the heartstrings of your supporters, but, if there are not ongoing communications to promptly thank your donors for their support, and show the impact of each gift in meaningful ways, then the effort is for naught, and no second gift will follow.

Marketing isn’t about throwing something out there and waiting for it to stick. It’s about strategically reaching out to the right audience to meet individual needs. Not just through a one-time effort, but a multi-touch campaign to land the client, and ongoing continuity to retain and grow.

For Firms, DM Pros is your strategic thinker – we analyze your market, segment your target audiences, and select the right channels to reach them most effectively. Our Strategic Pros will guide you with a customized plan that delivers. Go Pro! Put the DM Pros to work for your programs.

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